Criminal Law

A person is rarely in more need of an attorney than when arrested for or suspected of a jailable crime.

Alan R. L. Bussard has represented literally thousands of criminal defendants. He provides an aggressive legal defenses in a variety of areas: he has represented the legal rights of those accused of drug possession and distribution, forgery, and theft.

From the moment of a client's arrest, Alan Bussard vigorously protects his client's legal rights with a battery court notices and motions. He provides his clients with straight answers and aggressive representation as he prepares the case for trial.

Understanding, careful investigation, comprehensive research, and a winning strategy in court are Alan Bussard's hallmarks. Experience and knowledge of the local court system has proven to be invaluable over the years. Many times, he has won trials that seemed to have only a small chance of winning.

Because criminal defense clients have much to lose if found guilty, often they want us to vigorously seek a negotiated resolution of their case. Such negotiations do not always require a guilty plea. Sometimes our aggressive negotiation efforts results in dismissals or inactivation of prosecutions. Sometimes this results in keeping our client out of jail or minimizing our clients' time in jail. Sometimes this results in a conviction to a less serious crime (for instance a conviction for simple drug possession where our client has been charged with drug dealing). Our clients call the shots on negotiations and we aggressively take their cases to trial if our clients reject the prosecution's final offer to resolve the case.